You Want HPC And You Want Virtualization? Let’s Talk About It

HPC architects have continued to push the bounds of what is possible with computing, but the underlying architecture they have used has been fairly consistent – bare metal servers, which get bigger and faster over time.

While their colleagues in enterprise computing have been exploiting virtualization for years, the HPC world has tended to view anything that got in the way of that bare metal as being a potential brake on performance. It’s only recently that HPC specialists have given serious thought to how to close the performance gap and use VMs in HPC environments.

One of the most promising efforts here is the partnership between Bright Computing and veteran virtualization outfit, VMware. The combination of Bright Computing’s expertise in providing tools for building and managing high performance clusters, and VMware’s position at the heart of virtualization, promises to open up new levels of flexibility and resource utilization.

And there are implications not just for HPC specialists in looking to use their installations more efficiently, but for enterprises and other organizations who would like to adopt and adapt HPC architectures and apply them to new problems.

So, what does this combination of vSphere and proven HPC clustering technology mean for you and more importantly your HPC applications?

Well, you can find out on November 16, at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST / 5 PM GMT with this virtual event, where The Next Platform’s Timothy Prickett Morgan will be sitting down with a panel of HPC experts including:

  • Martijn De Vries, founder and CTO of Bright Computing
  • Josh Simons, VMware’s chief technologist for HPC
  • James Lowey, chief information officer of TGen, a non-profit genomics research institution
  • Jay Boisseau, Dell’s AI and HPC technology strategist, former associate director of the San Diego Supercomputing Center and erstwhile director of the Texas Advanced Computing Center

Together, they will talk you through the development of virtualization on HPC platforms, and its role in real world applications. They’ll also cover how virtualization will transform the way HPC clusters are used for traditional workloads, as well as for machine learning and analytics.

HPC may be complex, but joining TPM and this distinguished panel couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is drop in your details here, and we’ll make sure to remind nearer the time.

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