Next Platform TV for July 23, 2020

On Next Platform TV today we cover several bases, from cost-optimizing GPU types in cloud environments, to calculating storage TCO with downtime in the mix, and also some straight talk about the viability of quantum computing in healthcare with one expert’s view followed by a separate interview focused on financial services.

On today’s program we talk about getting a price/performance balance with GPU acceleration in a public cloud with Alex Pena of Linode. The company, which was established three years ahead of Amazon Web Services, is a scrappy and resourceful cloud provider that lives by its wits and the price/performance curves. We talk to Pena about a report it did with consultancy Cloud Spectator analyzing the bang for the buck of Linode GPU instances against those available from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

We also discuss the tangled matter of calculating storage TCO with Robert Murphy of Panasas. He talks about some recent findings via their work with Hyperion to analyze how large HPC and other sites consider TCO and what matters and is overlooked. Murphy also walks us through a calculator for this very task.

We talk with William Hurley about the future role of quantum in healthcare. While he is hopeful about the potential application set and cost/benefit for hybrid quantum in the space, we ask questions about the real viability of for an area that is slow to change and how they might consider the investments in hardware and developer time for some slices of offloaded healthcare applications.

There is a similar line of questioning in the context of financial services. We talk with Jeff Cohen of Chicago Quantum about some recent findings his team has made after portfolio optimizations using the D-Wave quantum computing machine. We discuss when the value for finserv arrives to enough of a degree to warrant the expense of a quantum system and if the ROI is there, which applications could be best suited.

We appreciate that so many of you tune in and enjoy the show. We’ll keep bringing it every Tuesday and Thursday.


2:25 – GPU Price Performance Evaluation and Efficeincy

13:37 – Quantum Computing: Viability in Healthcare

26:38 – Quantum Computing: Viability in Finance/Portfolio Optimization

38:00 – What is The Next Database Platform (short segment)

41:11 – Calculating Storage TCO

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