Next Platform TV for June 22, 2020

Today on Next Platform TV, we take a distinct look at the world of HPC with the release of the annual Top 500 list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. We have in-depth analysis of the rankings here but for more insight, we talked with the list’s co-founder, Erich Strohmaier for today’s show.

A companion ranking, the Green 500 also made waves today. For more insight about energy efficiency trends among some of the largest users of HPC we talked to Wu Feng of Virginia Tech who chairs the Green 500 benchmarking efforts.

Later in the show we discuss momentum for Ceph in HPC with Matthew Curry, a systems and storage expert at Sandia National Laboratories. His teams there, working with the large-scale Arm clusters (and some smaller experimental machines) are figuring out how, where, and why Ceph could have footing at Sandia and elsewhere.

We broaden the view in the last half of the show with a discussion about cloud competition in Europe, specifically, that which could be driven by the Gaia-X platform. We debate whether the world can ever have more than a few major cloud players and what’s at stake (and gained) if this remains the case.

We end the show with rapid insight around the term “accelerated dataops” and look at how that’s applied to storage and data management at scale.

New episodes of Next Platform TV air every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Stay tuned here for fresh episodes.

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