HPC System & Processor Trends for 2018

In this episode of The Interview from The Next Platform, we talk with Andrew Jones from independent high performance computing consulting firm, N.A.G. about processor and system acquisition trends in HPC for users at the smaller commercial end of the spectrum up through the large research centers.

In the course of the conversation, we cover how acquisition trends are being affected by machine learning entering the HPC workflow in the coming years, the differences over time between commercial HPC and academic supercomputing, and some of the issues around processor choices for both markets.

Given his experiences talking to end users in enterprise and research HPC, Jones describes what ROI factors will be of importance going forward and how HPC end users are considering their overall spend on compute infrastructure. In this context we also talk about some of the Skylake pricing surprises and what those means from the top end to the much-touted “missing middle” of commercial HPC.

Specifically, Jones shares his views about Intel’s role in the future of HPC system with an increasingly contentious ecosystem building to challenge its dominance. AMD’s Epyc and ARM made a big splash in 2017 but will either see significant system share in 2018?

We also touch on the impact of Spectre and Meltdown and how this reopens the door for more conversations about cybersecurity in supercomputing.

In short, we take a tour of HPC as it stands at the beginning of 2018 in this first podcast from The Next Platform.

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